Chevron Wood Flooring – A great way to add Style and Character to your home

Chevron Wood Floor Chevron wood floor


 Parquet flooring is something that dates back to 16th century France where artisans would create intricate and eye-catching designs by fitting blocks of wood and oak in symmetrical patterns – with the shapes of individual blocks varying in size and color.

The word “parquet” is actually derived from a French term, parquetry, which means “small compartment”.

Today, parquet flooring is one of the best ways to instantly add character to your modern domestic and commercial spaces, giving them that signature ‘old civilization’ look. You will have likely seen it in a number of homes and offices, where hardwood mosaic-like pieces are arranged in geometric and angular patterns.

At TFS Flooring, we offer a complete range of wood flooring, including parquet floors and chevron wood floors. Recently, we were hired as a wood floor fitter to install a completely bespoke engineered oak chevron wood floor fitted across 120m2 with an intersection plank between chevrons - a truly magnificent sight to behold, which left our client in sheer awe.

Ever wondered what Chevron Flooring is?

Chevron wood floor are a kind of parquet flooring. Instead of featuring perfectly straight ends, they have angled edges which are cut into a point. When the respective points of the “chevron” meet, they create a highly precise and perpetual zig zag pattern – a mosaic, if you will, but in the form of a parquet floor.

In contrast, the rectangular ends of a typical parquet floor block creates a staggered herringbone pattern.

Chevron Wood Floor Fitting – Professional Wood Floor Fitter only

While chevron wood floors are truly mesmerising to look and give your place a very luxurious and ‘back in the old days’ kind of vibe, installing them is quite complicated and requires the expertise of a wood flooring expert in Somerset or a wood flooring fitter in Taunton.

You see, when it comes to a parquet herringbone floor, the blocks seamlessly stack up against each other, giving it the appearance of a woven floor. With chevron wood flooring, however, the straight and uniform pattern runs across in a single row – indeed, there’s nothing to support those edges.

A lot of care is required to see that the floor’s angle remains consistent throughout, and that the blocks snugly fit together. This is a process that demands perfection and nothing less.

At TFS Flooring, we’ve fitted countless chevron wood floors for a variety of clients over the years, each one being more impressive than the next. We’re rather proud of the latest piece we’ve completed – a highly desirable and modern piece of work that boasts unparalleled quality and craftsmanship.

Are there advantages to installing Chevron Wood Floor?

Absolutely – a lovely chevron pattern is the perfect way to create a clean, sophisticated and orderly look – yet one which gives off that tantalising 16th century vibe, a time when people would spare no expense while building the most luxurious homes.

The work featured in this blog is just one of our projects as a wood floor fitter. If you have any oak floor, chevron wood floor or parquet floor specifications in mind, please get in touch with us.



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Thursday, 20 June 2024

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